BEE AI LABS is run as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning it is controlled and directed by a decentralized network of contributors and community members, who enable Beefy to function on its own. This page outlines how the governance process behind our DAO works, and how you can get involved.

How is BEE AI LABS be governed?

As a decentralized organization, BEE AI LABS is proudly governed by our $BLAB token holders. This includes our founders, Core contributors, and the wider Beehive, as well as some external holders. Most major decisions that BEE AI LABS takes are put to and voted on by our $BLAB holders, including how our fees are set, how the protocol and its contributors are funded, how we market BEE AI LABS, and what direction we should take on certain decisions. Think of our BLAB holders as members of the BEE AI LABS legislature.
The key mechanism for this is governance voting. BLAB holders are entitled to raise proposals (if they hold at least 1 $BLAB) and vote on them. Discussion of all proposals is actively encouraged on our social media channels. In particular, we would encourage you to head to the #🏛-proposals and #🗣-proposal-discussion channels on the BEE AI LABS Discord server. In the threads for the #🏛-proposals channel, you'll find a dedicated space for discussion of individual proposals, or #🗣-proposal-discussion serves as a more general forum.
In addition, the day-to-day operations of BEE AI LABS are governed by our Core contributor team, who take the role of the executive wing, and are tasked with carrying out the will of our BLAB holders. As with any growing organization, it's impossible to run every decision through formal governance, so our Core team has been delegated the necessary authority to look after the protocol. That said, any area of Core's decision-making can instead be raised through governance voting, to ensure that they may be held to account.

How do I take part in governance?

By simply holding $BLAB, even if staked in the native token Earnings Pool or BLAB Maxi vault, a user earns the right to create proposals and vote in them. Voting sway and power are derived from the $BLAB holdings of the participant. The reasoning behind this follows that those holding more $BLAB are more invested in the project, and therefore have a larger incentive for the platform itself to succeed and prosper.
Beyond voting for yourself, you can also register to participate as a delegate, so others can delegate their voting power to you for inclusion with your own vote. Through this mechanism, trusted voices in the community can leverage their support with a small amount of effort on the part of their supporters. It also allows those short on time to ensure that their $BLAB is participating in governance, without requiring them to engage with every proposal.

How do I vote?

Voting requires you to hold $BLAB, which can either simply be held in your wallet or staked in the native token Earnings Pool or BLAB Maxi vaults. You do not need to remove your stake either to vote. Voting power is based directly on the amount of $BLAB each voter holds.
To submit your vote, simply head to our page, connect your wallet to the website, and then head to an open proposal you wish to vote on. Here you'll find an interface to "Cast your vote" by selecting your preferred option(s) and clicking "Vote". You'll then be required to sign a transaction through your wallet to formally submit your vote.