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What is a Vault Strategy?

The vault methods used by BEE AI LABS are modular smart contracts that specify which assets to cultivate and where to sell them. Rewards are frequently gathered for compound farming, exchanged for the original vault asset, and redeposited.

How do Lending Vaults work?

Who has authority over the strategies?

Every vault and strategy link is hardcoded, and the programming was created to be immutable, making them unstoppable once they are released. The vaults and tactics cannot be changed by anyone. A new vault and strategy smart contract must be developed in order to release a new strategy on any asset.

How can I make a strategy?

For the time being, you can post and discuss your strategy in the #strategies channel of BEE AI LABS's Discord. describing what should be purchased, sold, or farmed, as well as the current APY. A template will be provided to assist you in getting started. While APY refers to the rate with the effect of compounding, APR represents the simple interest rate over a year.

Is using APY/365 the correct method to calculate daily gains?

Compound interest does not have a linear effect; rather, it is exponential. A daily interest rate of 1% would result in an annual return of 3678.34%.

In what ways does BEE AI LABS maximize APY?

The entire compounding procedure is automated by BEE AI LABS, bringing it as close to perfection as is practical. The frequency of compounding is influenced by a number of system variables, including TVL, APR, and strategy fees.
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