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Our first auditor was DefiYield, which audited the $BLAB token, the RewardPool, and all the timelocks.

What is a yield optimizer?

An automated solution called a yield optimizer works far more effectively than a person trying to manually maximize yield on cryptocurrency investments.
Each vault has a distinct farming technique, which often entails reinvested crypto assets staked in liquidity pools. The simplest form of this system is one that farms rewards from staked assets and reinvests them into the liquidity pool. This increases the amount staked on which the yield is based while compounding the amount of interest earned. This procedure can be repeated by a yield optimizer up to thousands of times per day.
The main cause of the high APYs on BEE AI LABS is this really straightforward strategy. All vault participants share the amortization of compounding costs, which lowers the cost to the user.

What’s the difference between APR and APY?

The annual percentage rate, or APR, is the annual interest less any fees. This does not take into account the compounding impact of reinvested profits.
If you invested $100 with a 100% APR, you would profit $100 after a year. However, if you consistently reinvest your profits, your interest will compound. Your APY is determined after a year of calculations (Annual Percentage Yield). The gap between APR and APY grows as interest is compounded more frequently.
The annual percentage yield (APY) of a certain investment is presented. Compound interest is taken into consideration, providing you with a more realistic picture of your returns than simple interest.
Investments with daily yields of 1% or more can earn high APYs in the hundreds of percent. Your liquidity pool rewards are continually farmed and reinvested, which causes the interest to accumulate on increasing sums.

What do Vault Daily and Trading Daily mean?

Trading Daily indicates how much the value of your liquidity tokens will rise. The Uniswap liquidity model established liquidity pools, which distribute trading fees among all liquidity providers. Trading volume and the portion of swap fees allotted to liquidity providers have an impact on Trading Daily.
The term "Vault Daily" refers to how many times your token will multiply. Your deposited token quantity will rise as a result of the vault continuously cultivating rewards and reinvesting those earnings. The yield farm prizes, or other incentives besides trading fees, such as CAKE on Pancakeswap, have an impact on Vault Daily.
To calculate Trading APR and Vault APR, multiply Trading Daily and Vault Daily by 365. Then, to account for compound interest, Vault APR is changed to Vault APY. The following formula is used to determine the total APY % shown:
APY=(1+vaultAPY)∗(1+tradingAPR)−1APY = (1 + vaultAPY) * (1 + tradingAPR) - 1
While other DEXes utilize a 7-day period, BLAB uses on-chain data and a 24-hour period to determine the trading volume and associated fees in order to calculate the Trading APR. When compared to a DEX, this could result in variations in the shown APY, but be aware that this is just a result of the calculating process. In fact, we contend that BEE AI LABS is more precise since it has a shorter time frame, which more quickly captures changes in Trading APR.

How do I contribute to BEE AI LABS?

From the beginning, BEE AI LABS has been a community-driven project. It depends on the project you want to work on if you want to join the constantly expanding pool of contributors. BEE AI LABS is on numerous chains, and both straightforward and intricate vaults are frequently possible. Start with the easier ones and work your way up as your Solidity understanding increases. There is a strict review procedure in place to guarantee safety and quality, so you don't have to start out at the top. In BEE AI LABS 's Discord channel #strategy-devs, you can contact our chief strategists.
Additionally, BEE AI LABS wants people to work on non-strategic initiatives because almost anything can be turned into a grant. Discuss projects with other members of the BEEHIVE community. Join a team or form one yourself. You can get paid for any job you complete to improve BEE AI LABS. All types of developers, not just technical ones, are needed for the current project BEE AI LABS app; design input is essential to enhance the UI/UX.
BEE AI LABS's GitHub embraces the idea of open collaboration, hence many of the repositories are open-source. To enable individuals to submit suggestions or contributions only via Pull-Requests, we employ files. Simply updating the Git documentation or correcting a typo can get you started and bring you closer to the contributor team.
You could assist with partnerships and recommending business decisions to the DAO if you are interested in business development. Since BEE AI LABS is still a young company, the core team could use the advice of some talented individuals.
If you can compose a good tweet, you can help with #tweet-development. You can also contribute to promotion. You can assist users there as well as in Discord or Telegram itself by responding to their questions in the #social-watch channel on Discord, which posts links to mentions of BEE AI LABS on social media. The first line of customer service for Discord and Telegram is typically provided by their moderators, who are (often) paid employees as well.
The best way to participate is to just get going, offer assistance where you can, participate in debates, and work together with everyone.

What is the difference between a Vault and an Earnings Pool?

Compound interest allows you to earn more money in a vault than you initially invested (APY). A linear interest-bearing asset other than the asset you deposited is what you earn in an earnings pool (APR).
The BLAB Maxi Vault and the numerous BLAB Earnings Pools are two examples where you can earn more BLAB exponentially and linear interest in the form of $ETH, $BNB, and other currencies, respectively.

Why does it cost so much gas to deposit into an BEE AI LABS vault?

Harvest on Deposit is available at several of BEE AI LABS's vaults. As a result, whenever you put money into the vault, the harvest function is also called. With a higher gas limit and charge than a straightforward deposit, calling the Harvest function is more complicated. BEE AI LABS takes these steps to make it hard for thieves to steal yield, eliminating the need for a withdrawal charge. Long-term investors stand to gain significantly since the withdrawal fee can be eliminated.
On less-priced chains like Polygon, almost all of the vaults have been harvested on deposit. If there is no withdrawal cost, you can also ascertain if a vault harvest on deposits.
As payment for calling the harvest, you, the Harvest Caller, will also get a portion of the wrapped native chain token. More details on the Harvest Caller can be found in the BEE AI LABS Fees Breakdown.

How can I find out how much earnings I have accumulated?

On each harvest and compound cycle, your benefits are added to the token amount you have placed. You can use a DeFi dashboard to determine the precise amount of profit you have earned from your investments. Your wallet address will be read by external tools like TopDeFi, which will accurately depict your initial investment and current earnings.