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In addition to regular vault earnings, receive additional yield!
The goal of BEE AI LABS - the Multichain Yield Optimizer - is to ensure that consumers receive the maximum APY with the least amount of manual work while utilizing BEE AI LABS. To do this, we have added a feature called BEE AI LABS Boost to the basic vault offering that allows us to promote intriguing projects across different chains. In addition to the promotion, we boost a few vaults with a partner's token to provide you with the highest APY possible.
You receive a "receipt" token in your wallet prefixed with "Honey" when you deposit money in an BEE AI LABS vault. You can stake that token in a Boost when one is available to profit from the increased earnings. On top of your vault earnings, you receive additional yield!

How do I use BEE AI LABS Boost?

Find a vault that has been enhanced in our main app, then deposit the tokens that are required there. Once there, stake your BLAB"deposit receipts" in the Boost area. Put this BLAB in the ground, and you're done! You may easily return here at any moment to check the status of your earned partner tokens and withdraw them.

How do I view the tokens I've earned?

A great summary of your earned tokens will be displayed when you enter the vault where your BLAB was put. When you put money into an BEE AI LABS vault, you will immediately obtain a BLAB, a tokenized proof of deposit that bears interest. You may think of BLAB as the confirmation of your vault deposit. Read more about BLAB under the Vaults section:

How long will the Boosted vault last?

Each enhanced vault has a timer displayed in the Boost section. Since you may always return and withdraw after a vault is full, you don't really need to keep track of this.

Do I have to manually unstake from the Boost when it is finished?

Yes, after the Boost expires, the user must take this specific step. Due to security concerns, BEE AI LABS is unable to transfer your tokens back to your wallet. After the Boost is over, simply click "Claim & Unstake" to return at any time and unstake your BLABV along with the partner tokens.

Can I enter several boosted vaults simultaneously?

Absolutely! Simply place the necessary tokens in one or more of our vaults that have been boosted, and then place your BLAB in the Boost section. For each upgraded vault you want to join, repeat this procedure.

Are boosted vaults safe to use?

Yes! BLAB have ensured that the increased vaults are 100 percent safe as it always designs with safety in mind. They are hosted by BEE AI LABS, and BEE AI LABS use its own vaults for the payout after receiving the boost tokens from its partners. The BLAB that you bet does not leave BEE AI LABS in exchange for the boost tokens.

If I enter a partner vault with my BLAB, will I still earn the ordinary vault reward?

Yes! Even if it is enhanced, the common tokens you invested in our main vaults will continue to collect common rewards and be compounded as usual. Because the BLAB you deposit to participate in the Launchpool boost is interest-bearing, this is the case. You receive a boost for both the vault tokens and partner tokens when you use the boosted vault.

Why is the APY shown at launch different from what it is now?

The "annual percentage yield" (APY) is determined by the daily compounding of your yield interest. The total quantity of deposited tokens that share the benefits, as well as other variables like the reward rate, determine the daily return. The fixed yield is shared by more participants (tokens) as additional participants enter the pool, lowering the daily yield and lowering the APY as a result. Similar to the previous example, if tokens (people) leave the vault, there are fewer tokens (people) sharing the fixed reward, increasing the daily yield and, thus, the APY.
BEE AI LABS always conduct a comprehensive due diligence review of a project before partnering with it in order to gauge its sincerity and safety. As stated in BEE AI LABS SAFU Practices, BEE AI LABS adheres to a strict set of safety regulations for this. Even though the project's code is secure, we can never be sure whether the partner token will be worthwhile to have.
As a result, it is always up to you to make your own financial judgments, confirm that the partnering project is one you want to support or not, and determine whether you want to hold or sell the partner token. BEE AI LABS is unable to accept responsibility for your individual activities and will not do so.